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    Disappointing LTE with speed cap


      I have a mobile data plan with globe since 2013 with an LTE sim.. the csr at the globe store said that ihave 800mb of internet daily and will be refreshed daily... and here comes the FUP which states that i will experience slow browsing after certain number of gb... how disappointing.. havin an LTe with speed cap.. and you have to pay again to experience normal browing speed... is this really FAIR? FAIR for a postpaid paying subscriber?

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          That is still a "touchy" subject up to now and discussions are still ongoing with telcos and the regulatory agencies.


          As subscribers it is unfair... we say so and the government agencies also say so (Dept of Justice and even the NTC which Globe would always invoke).


          What globe did was just to remove "unlimited" in the subscriptions we have had which were automatically being renewed in accordance to the contract that we signed. Globe however would invoke that they reserve the right to change the terms and condition of the agreement even without prior notice... a clause which goes against a higher law on consumerism.


          Everybody knows it is unfair but that's big business and it would remain that way unless there is a strong consumer group to balance these things.


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