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    On Load Tipid Plan termination ...


      Hello, Globe Community!


      Well, this is my first time posting on this forum but I assure you that I am not new in this site as I’ve been visiting it multiple times for a variety of reasons. Today, while reading through the posts under the topic "General Discussions”, I came upon clubikle’s statement that had struck me most and inspired me to write this one. It states (in verbatim) "Globe help pages are awful. Supply wrong information and give web urls that are broken”. User clubikle’s statement had recapitulated what I experienced with Globe today. Let me share it to you:


      Last January 2013, I subscribed to Load Tipid Plan 500 bundled with Blackberry 9220 and locked in for 24 months. After being approved, I immediately paid upon checkout the FULL amount of P12,000.00 (do the math!) corresponding to 24 months as covered by my plan. Because of this, I enjoy the convenience of being excluded from lining-up every month just to pay my bill.


      Obviously, the LTP is expected to end by January 2015. Having the interest not to continue my plan after it ends the 24 months lock-in period (for the reason that I can just use online reloading through online banking to automatically reload every month, much like LTP), I searched online particularly the Globe website, for information on termination and what will happen after the 24 months lock-in period. One question listed as part of the Load Tipid Plan FAQs published in the Globe website states that: (screenshot attached)

      Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.10.15 PM copy.png


      It is good to hear that I do not have to drop by Globe Business Center nor call any Customer Service Representative just to terminate my plan. In fact, only those who are interested to continue LTP are required to drop by Globe stores to express their interest for recontracting. As for my case, who has fully paid the LTP right from the start and also has no interest for recontracting, I must simply keep going and “forget about it” besides I can still use the prepaid number even though it is not subscribed from LTP. Nevertheless, the FAQ answer was very clear that:


        1. Automated loading will not continue.
        2. I will not be billed.
        3. A consent must be given to continue the monthly loading.


      However, last March 2015 (two months after the actual expiration of my LTP), I received a text message from Globe stating that I have unpaid balance. Anxious about the message, I immediately dropped by Globe Business Center and talked to a Globe personnel who has explained to me that I should’ve gone to GBC to terminate my plan. I insisted during our conversation that what he is saying is absolutely opposite and contrary to what was indicated in the Globe website. Nonetheless, since I was there already, I followed what was supposed to be the "right" procedure. He connected me to the Globe Loyalty hotline for termination of my plan. A CSR answered, asked several questions, and told me that termination of my plan is on-process. To my relief, he also emphasized that I do not have to pay anything since I do not have any unsettled balances under my account. Two working days after, I received a confirmation of my LTP termination.


      Just today, a mail from Globe Telecom arrived at my condo indicating that their record “shows that my account still has unpaid balance of P1,500.00". The letter also states that I am given 10 business days to settle this balance. To my disappointment, I called Globe hotline asking for details regarding this issue (for the second time!) and reasoning out what was indicated in their LTP FAQs as posted on their website. But the CSR insisted that based on their record, I really have to pay the said balance. After the phone conversation, I rushed to the nearest GBC and paid the said amount.


      Well, P1,500.00 is not really that bad. It is relatively cheap amount of money to most of you (but not to a student like me). I do not entirely blame Globe Telecom on this issue. I know partly it is also my fault by being “too lazy” to drop-by GBC to terminate my plan and by not clarifying the proper LTP termination protocols. But, can you blame me for my complacency? Can you blame me for choosing the convenience of merely browsing through their website in order to get the information that I need? And ultimately, can you blame me for relying on the information posted on their official website?


      If the information of the FAQ was correct, who would you think be on the right position?

      This issue will surely not be the reason for me to switch network or whatsoever. I have been a Globe subscriber for more than 5 years and I have better stories untold about the services of Globe Telecom. I did not also post this to get incentives from Globe (accepting if you insist hahahaha) nor to get public attention. I just want to convey the message regarding the importance of correct and updated information posted on Globe’s website, most especially on FAQs page as it is being read by many people. Remember that website are the fastest, most accessible, and most convenient way for your susbcribers to access relevant and pertinent information to their concerns. To think, I may only be one of the many Globe subscribers that might have been mislead, misinformed, and decevied by inaccurate information posted online.




      As of posting, Globe Telecom has already edited their FAQs page. Maybe the CSR that I’ve talked to awhile ago has contacted Globe's IT department. It now states,

      Question: "Will the automated loading to my Load Tipid Combo continue even if the 24 months has ended?"

      Answer: "Yes, it will continue. Now this makes it more convenient for you since you no longer need to re-apply for a Load Tipid Combo plan. However, if you want to discontinue this automated loading, you are free to do so."

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          Hi kentano... You have every right to demand for a refund of the amount you paid (Php 1,500) for the mere fact that:


          1. Information was stated (and published) in their official FAQ which was considered as a valid source of information at that time.

          2. The first CSR informed you, and was consistent with the FAQ,  that you do not have to pay anything at all.

          3. You felt threatened because of the demand letter sent to you by Globe and out of innocence being still a student, the reason why you paid.


          There seemed to be the presence of misleading information (at that time) with the intent to gain additional revenues for the company.


          In the best case scenario and upon knowing the mistake (if ever) made on their end, Globe could have remedied the situation by not pursuing the demand anymore.


          In your end however, the experience would hopefully teach you to be more insistent with your rights as a consumer/subscriber of good faith without being intimidated by threats of big business. You have all the right and even the material to ask for the reversal/refund. Your liability now however is that you paid for it already and Globe may say that payment was already a sign of consent.


          (By the way, Php 1,500 is not a small amount to fight for... the mods here know that I'm even fighting for a measly Php 4.00.

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              Hi ChitoReyes,


              Yes, you are absolutely right! I could've insisted more but I was also hesitant about the extent of the entire process of filing a complaint, following it up (for several times), and waiting for the result. As a graduating student, I do not have the luxury of time to attend to this matter. In so doing, however, I might have tolerated the ill practices of these companies and might have also sacrificed, to a certain point, my consumer rights. Lessons learned on my part


              Right now, my only regret is paying before posting here. I wished I have consulted first from anyone in this forum and have read replies from someone like you who would have guided me to carry out the appropriate action pertinent to my case.


              Apparently, since I paid, it is case closed for Globe Telecom. And I think a refund would surely be difficult to request. Besides, I don't know the process.


              Anyway, I greatly appreciate your reply, Sir. Please continue to provide useful advices to other subscribers in this forum. Thank you very much!

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                  Just continue to be vigilant so these practices would greatly be minimized if not eradicated. We have proven time and time again that Globe can be wrong (the latest is the thread I posted which finally we were able to get an admission after them denying several times that there was something wrong) but will not admit that they are probably to protect their reputation or simply just to ignore it altogether if there is not enough pressure.


                  I do understand why many complaints are not reported nor followed up simply because it is very hard to do so considering the maze, complications and the barriers that Globe may or may not have intentionally put.


                  Bottom line is that if it concerns only a "little" amount, then it is much simpler to just pay it rather than undergo the harrowing experience. The sad thing is that Globe knows this.


                  I've heard it before that "Denial is the best excuse... the burden of proof is always with the subscriber who won't have the time and effort to pursue it".


                  We will always be here to help (and the mods know that even if they have to tow company interests )