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      Good day peeps!


      I just want to ask a question about this particular plan. Yesterday, I decided to terminate my legendary mySuperplan 999 (with the REAL unli internet booster) since I can't take their turtle net anymore. The CSR and I have this talk about my "leave" on Globe and if I really want to terminate it. I said yes and then she offered me this particular plan which is Plan Zero or I think I heard "Zero Rated Plan" whatsoever which is to pay them PHP 50 / month to keep my account active. I didn't have more time to talk to the CSR since I have left for work.


      May I ask, what does this PHP 50 contains or was this just for the 'maintenance' for my account?

      Is this the same as "Freedom Plan" from the other network?


      Thanks in advance.

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          First of all, if I were you, keep the "unlimited" plan 999 if you have enough patience until a ruling and order from the NTC and DOJ (which both seem to be positive) comes out regarding the past subscriptions. The other network has started honoring the "unlimited" subscriptions of their remaining subscribers at the same time not offering it anymore to new subscribers. We are hoping that Globe would follow suit as a matter of good faith in honoring commitments and for their subscribers to have a "wonderful" experience.


          Regarding the Plan 0, the Php 50 is just a maintenance fee which you pay every month if you want to keep the number (no lock in period). Note that one of the conditions would also be paperless billing which you have to agree upon. Usage would be billed on top of the Php 50.00 maintenance fee.


          It is similar to the other network's freedom plan except that the freedom plan does not charge any maintenance fee and is publicly promoted. Globe's Plan 0 is only offered to accounts being terminated as an alternative to total termination.