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      here's what happened... I was on Globe Wimax for 2-3 months and then the connection got effed up, it's timing out. called the hotline and they sent out a team to fix the issue and they did, but only for that day. so i did call again and they sent out another team to fix the issue, they were able to fix it again but I told them that they need to monitor the connection as the issue is intermittent. again, same thing happened. third team told me that the issue is now tagged as un-repairable that I will need to cancel my account. the wife called them up to cancel the account and get their things (modem and the receiver) but the consultant she was talking to offered to retain the account and change the product to a DSL Plan. the wife and I agreed since this was actually the plan I wanted. so the guy told us that there will be a team that will come Monday to install the line.


      come Monday and the technicians told us that they cannot proceed with the installation since the line cannot reach our house (hanggang limang poste lang daw sila). so, my excitement change to disappointment (yet again, pinaasa pa kasi) very fast.


      just wanted to ask, how long will I have to wait? I mean my house is just a couple of blocks away from a subdivison wherein the service is available.


      anyway, I know posting something like this won't be of any help. just wanted to get this out.