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      Hi Globe,



      I would like to ask for the real status of my postpaid application. I’ve been told that my handset is already for delivery last June 19, 2015 and just wait for Air 21’s call. When I followed up on June 22, they told me that my application is not yet approved and is still for employment verification. Then just today, I talked to a customer representative named “BRITNEY”, she told me that my application is still for financial verification, she doesn’t even know how to talk in a professional way. She even puts me on mute. When the line got cut, she called back and hung up on me. Is that how you address concerns of customers?



      Is this really how you process an application? You’re going to tell someone that it is already for delivery when it is actually not? This is frustrating. You can inform me if my application is approved or not in a very professional way. Not in this kind of manner.



      Hope to receive immediate feedback/action on this.






      Marthy Kate Cruz