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    Not getting promised speed. HELP!

      1. From a 2mb plan, we recently switched to Tattoo Home 5mb plan.
      2. The day it was activated, we were so happy with the service, we were reaching 5mb everyday.
      3. After 5 days we suddenly got disconnected and Globe representatives said our account is still pending and is still "not yet activated"
      4. 2 weeks after disconnection and our account was still "not activated" so Globe sent a technical team and replaced our router and we talked to one of a globe representative supervisor to forcefully activate our account
      5. We now have internet but speed test doesnt seem to get past 2mb now and upon checking the router, our download rate is averaging 150kb only


      If there are globe representatives here can you please check this because i'm tired talking to globe representatives now.


      Also, i've been reading online and correct me if im wrong, it seems that you have an 80% service maintenance and even at max speed 2mb(which we rarely get) is less than your promised.

      I've personally talked to their technical team and they're very unhelpful brushing off my questions by just saying "call 211" They said that my area(Dasmarinas Cavite) can only get a maximum of 2mb that's why it doesnt go over that. but i refuse to believe because upon installation and inital activation it was able to reach 5mb for 5 days. so i know it's capable of doing so.


      I've attached a picture showing our average download rate. You can see that we havent gone past any data usage cap so it's impossible that it slowed down due to FUP capping.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.23.44 AM.png



      *antenna location and router location within acceptable range*