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    1699 Plan Declined


      Hello Guys! My friend's application for Plan 1699 (Note II) just got declined with the following email message from Globe:


      "we regret to inform you that your application did not meet credit standards.

      you may re-apply after 6 months or continue using globe prepaid. Thank you."


      I also want to apply for plan 1699. My question is:

      What is the credit standard of globe for plan 1699?


      Thanks a lot for you response :smileyhappy:

        • Re: 1699 Plan Declined

          Depende ata yan sa Salary mo. The higher the plan, the higher salary dapat.


          Kung gusto mo hassle free ang application mo, magdala ka ng credit card (dapat primary holder ka) tapos auto-debit mo yung monthly bill mo sa cc mo.