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    GCash Mastercard Payment Declined.


      I kept receiving payment declined message using my GCash Mastercard using both Paypal and just prepaid card.


      • I have enough balance
      • All card info were correct
      • Verified with Paypal
      • Card was acitvated


      After my attempt, Paypal sent me an email:


      You recently tried to pay with PayPal but the transaction was declined because your debit/credit card provider did not allow it to go through.

      How to complete my payment:

      You may add or choose another payment method to avoid a similar situation in future by following these steps:

         1. Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com

         2. Go to 'My preferences' then 'My money'.

         3. Add a new card or choose a different payment method as default.

      You may also contact your card provider to understand why your payment did not go through.

      Yours sincerely,



      The purchase was for US$70.00 or 3,273.25 PHP.

      May naka experience na po ng ganito dito? Pls help naman po.