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    myLifestyle 1,499 plan


      I have subscribed myLifestyle 1,499 plan. In Globe's website (ads) it says there that this has the following: 1. (Built-in) Unlimited calls and texts 499 to Globe/TM and 2. GoSURF 999 (5GB mobile internet). My questions are, whst does the plan 1,499 meant/breakdown? Secondly, are the unlimited calls & texts worth 499 and GoSURF 999 part of the myLifestyle plan 1,499? Thank you in advance to whoever will enlighten me.

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          rexare Broken down, MLP 1499 in general includes


          • P499 unlimited calls/SMS to Globe/TM
          • P1000 consumable that can be used for calls/SMS/data at regular rates AND/OR Surf/Lifestyle/Classic Packs
          • Freebies for 1 month
            • Navigation/Fitness/Explore Packs under Lifestyle Packs
            • Gadget Care
          • Freebie for 24 months
            • 1GB Globe Cloud Storage

          In your case, your MLP 1499 includes


          • P499 unlimited calls/SMS to Globe/TM
          • P999 GoSurf 5GB (deducted from your P1000 consumable)
          • P1 consumable (P1000 consumable less P999 GoSurf = P1)
          • Freebies for 1 month and 24 months mentioned above

          Applicable calls/SMS to other networks and data usage beyond the allocation would first count against remaining consumable, then charged on top of your bill once consumable is 0.