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    regarding approval


      i applied thru hotline. i submitted the requirements thru email and they verified me for 3 times already and they all tell me the same thing: to wait for 2-5days for the approval.

      Today, is the 4th day of waiting, the agent who handled my application told me I'm already approved and I just need to wait for the releasing and delivery of the handset. BUT I tried to talk to the HR of my company and asked if he received any call/email from globe regarding my application and he said No. I'm wondering why, how can I be sure I'm approved?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy donna1521!


          My apologies for the confusion. But has there be any new developments since? If not, let me know so I could send you a private message.



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            I understand the frustration you're going through. More than 6 times they have already verified with my employer, and with myself and more than 6 times already, have they asked for documents for my "latest billing statement" to be sent for address verfication. It's frustrating because they always say "the turn around time is 48 hours" however you're waiting and waiting for someone to call you with a simple answer of whether you're approved for the new line or not.


            It's also common courtesy to at least inform your prospective customers of the status of their application. It's the same thing with Globe stores, whether you have a credit card or salaried employee, they always give you the run around. Until now I'm still waiting to see if my application has been approved. My application date was on May 30th and still they say its "in process/for approval."

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              "Patience is a Virtue" yan po ang ginagawa nila ngayon. Kahit sino naman na mahaba ang pasensiya iikli dahil sa ginagawa nila.

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