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    Special GoSurf 999


      Hi everyone,


      This is my first time to post in the forums and I hope someone could help me on this.


      I received the email below from Globe (email address: [email protected]) last December 6, 2014. I readily accepted because it was a good offer (or so I thought).



      Dear valued customer,

      Thank you for renewing your contract with us!

      We’d like to inform you that as of August 2014, we’re no longer offering Unlisurf/SuperSurf plans, boosters and combos. When you last renewed your contract with us, however, you were inadvertently subscribed to the outdated Unlisurf 999. We apologize if this has inconvenienced you in any way.

      Because this was a lapse on our part, you may choose to either retain your Unlisurf 999 OR switch to GoSurf 999 with an EXCLUSIVE offer just for you. However, consistent with all our Unlisurf offers, we’d like to remind you that Unlisurf 999 is subject to Fair Use Policy. This means that every time your internet usage for the month exceeds 3GB, you’ll experience slower browsing speed until the first day of the next calendar month.

      Thus, we highly encourage that you switch to GoSurf for you to enjoy worry-free surfing suitable for your digital lifestyle. Unlike Unlisurf, GoSurf is NOT covered by the Fair Use Policy, so you can browse at normal speed at all times. With GoSurf 999, you’ll get a consumable amount of data per month plus FREE music streaming for 3 months via Spotify Premium. GoSurf also comes with an anti-bill shock guarantee that ensures you won’t pay more than P1,500 per month

      In addition, if you change your plan, booster or combo on or before December 15, for the next 24 months you’ll get the SPECIAL GoSurf 999 with 10GB of mobile data every month instead of the usual 5GB.

      Unlisurf 999

      • 30-day mobile internet access
      • Subject to Fair Use Policy
      • Slower browsing speed upon exceeding 3GB usage
      • P999/month
      Special GoSurf 999
      • 10GB of mobile data monthly
      • Not Subject to Fair Use Policy
      • Free Spotify Premium for 3 months
      • Anti-bill shock guarantee
      • P999/month


      To register, text ACCEPT GOSURF to 26823 for free

      Please note that sending this keyword means you accept the GoSurf terms and conditions onwww.globe.com.ph/surf/plan/iphone-gosurf/terms-and-conditions. Your new plan, booster or combo will then take effect on your next bill cut-off. You’ll also receive a text notification once your plan has been changed.

      For more information about GoSurf, you may go to www.globe.com.ph/help. Again, thank you for being with Globe, and we hope you enjoy your brand-new phone.

      The Globe Team


      After receiving confirmation via text that I was now inn the new Special GoSurf, I would regularly receive text messages from Globe whenever I would exceed 5GB, subject to the Fair Use Policy and that my connection speed is throttled. After receiving the message, my internet connection would be noticeable slower. Come the first day of the month, I would receive a message from Globe that my internet speed is back to normal. At this point, my connection speed significantly improves compared to when I received the message that my data was throttled.

      I have visited various CSRs from Megamall, Galleria and Greenhills but none of them has helped me on this issue. None of them made any follow-ups on my issue except if I do the follow-up myself. Thier only update is that there is no update on the issue. I have been dealing with this issue since February and there has been no solution on Globe's side. Has anybody encountered this as well? Was there a solution?