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    Capped connection WIMAX 2MBIT


      Good Day,


      After a lot of thought, I have decided to find an alternative means of solving this problem.


      I have been happy with my 2MBIT WIMAX connection, and up until 2 weeks ago have had no issues.


      2 weeks ago, I noticed my maximum speed dropped from the 2MBIT to 1.5MBIT, after checking the modem details page I found the connection ID (CID) had changed for the upload and download together with the Max rate. I waited a few days in case it was a glitch, but to no avail.


      I called customer support, and tried for over an hour to convince the service rep and the supervisor that this was not "Traffic on the line" but a complete change in the tower capping the speed.


      They agreed to send a technician, whom on the following day delivered a "new" modem stating that it was a firmware issue, ignoring my pleas that it wasn't he installed the modem and went on his way, and sure enough in the modem, same capped 1.5MBIT connection.

      Last thing he said was that LTE "May" be available in the area within the month - but that's no guarantee.


      So, after 2 days, the connection ID changed again, and I had the 2MBIT speed back again - I screenshot'd the modem page showing connection ID and max rate, graph showing download while one of my steam games was updating (JULY 2).


      To my disappointment, it wasn't to last and the following day the CID changed again and I was back to 1.5MBIT again, I screenshot'd the modem page, a download graph again updating the same steam game (JULY 3)


      I have uploaded the screenshots to show this:




      So this is where I am now, still capped to 1.5MBIT, and I would like to know why.


      I look forward to hearing what can I do?



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          i dont know what CID is but i think it is similar to BSID. it is the tower where you are connected to. the thing you have to do is to connect to the best tower nearest you. in order to do that, you must look for the CINR or Carrier to Noise Ratio usually seen in the GUI, it is the definition of how clean is the signal. then you must rotate the antenna at the top of your house and see to it that the CID you wanted to connect has the best CINR. It is hard to do when you can't connect to the CID you wanted so it takes a lot of work. for a reason the modem actually picks the CID who has the highest CINR

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              Hi oxmagicxo,


              Thanks for your prompt reply, we've had no power lately so I've been unable to respond. There is only one tower near me, I arranged the antenna over 8 months ago, and got the strongest signal I could (just on max 5 bars as per modem front). The antenna hasn't moved (my own design vs the globe installation).

              Regarding the CID, your right, its changing everytime I connect, but despite 30 times disconnect/reconnect, I still can't get the magic max rate I had before.

              Reading more about wimax, the CID is set from the tower and sets the downlink and uplink speeds, so its looking like I'm pretty much stuffed. Perhaps it's to allow more bandwidth to the new LTE installation that's "apparently going to happen". Just sad that this can happen without any warning and globe seems ignorant no one will notice

              I'm worried about the LTE installation if it will be worse than my current connection (even at capped 1.5MBIT)


              Again thanks for your helpful reply



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              Arnel S. Bansil

              Howdy wodger!


              Apologies for the confusion, but let me refer you to our resident technician guysoftech.



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                sabi na pagnagpunta ko dito may makikita akong ganitong thread.i have the same issue at the momment 2mb naging 1.5mb nalang haha!nakakainis.may solusyon naba para dito?