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    Postpaid application complaint - claimed by other person


      Sharing my experience at GLOBE store SM Marikina, I applied for the new postpaid line last December 2014. Submitted all the requirements needed including the photocopy of pay slip, SSS ID, company ID and other requirements as well. All applications are for processing and subject for approval. I cant remember the month/date that one of the agent called me and told me that my application is approved and I need to go to the store to claim the unit/sim plan. But due to busy scheduled, hindi ko na siya nakuha. In short malinaw na hindi ko na tinuloy. I did not go to the store to claim the unit/sim plan that I previously applied. Last March 2015, I received a letter from law firm indicated that I have an outstanding unbilled amount for the globe postpaid line. How come that I have an unbilled Globe account??? I called the Globe customer hotline and reported the encountered incident. As per agent, I need to submit an affidavit of denial that I am not the person on the letter. Sobrang hassle! Na kailangan ko pang magpagawa at magabayad para sa affidavit of denial para ma-clear ang name ko na hindi ako yung person na nasa sulat na tinutukoy ng law firm at GLOBE. After kong magpagawa ng affidavit of denial, dumiretso na ko sa GLOBE store sa SM Marikina to file the complaints March 28, 2015. As per agent na nakausap ko, tatawagan na lang daw nila ako once ma-clear na yung name ko and for investigation pa daw. Marami pa daw kasing process silang gagawin like reviewing their cctv camera kung sino yung nag-claim. Tatawagan daw nila ko after holyweek na hanggang ngayon wala pa ring upadtes.

      June 3, 2015 - called the Globe customer hotline to follow up the status of my complaints and still wala pa ring updates. June 18, 2015 – called again the customer hotline tried to follow up my complaints and still no feedback from GLOBE store SM Marikina. Today July 9, 2015 called again the customer hotline but still no updates. That’s why I am sharing this experience for all the upcoming new subscribers or existing subscribers. Based on the details provided by the GLOBE customer agent. Under my name, I have to different accounts this is based on the 2 different law firm letter I received and confirmed at the GLOBE customer hotline.

      1. Account# 15603743

      service# 9178553690

      Unpaid/Unbilled Amount: P16,601.78

      Unit Claimed: April 6, 2015


      1. Account# 15691839

      service# 9178504297

      Unpaid/Unbilled Amount: P30,406.14

      Unit Claimed: April 8, 2015


      To the team in charge here, kindly check and look into this ASAP.


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          Your experience and the highly publicized Sim Swap Scam (just Google or Bing "sim swap scam" to find out the story) only exposes how vulnerable Globe's processes are for identity fraud.


          We also warned about the Globe Paybill Fraud Potential

          and we just hope that Globe would be humble enough to do something about it instead of being overly defensive.


          What makes it doubly alarming is the amount of time Globe is taking to do something about the problem. The least that they can do is to proactively get in touch with you with assurances that indeed some action is being taken.


          I was just wondering... did you not receive any Statement of Account (Bills) in your home or office? If so, then you would have found out sooner than when you received the demand letter. I would think that the imposter used PAPERLESS BILLING and just forwarded it to an email address he had access to. Sometimes, it still pays to be traditional for security purposes.

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            I have not receive any SOA, just the demand letter. In the first place how come some other person can claimed? Imagine 2 accounts pa yung kinuha under my name.. Inside job lang ang nakikita kong ngyari dito. Kasi kung iisipin mo bakit ganon ka dali nya nagawang makuha yung 2 unit at magkaibang araw pa kinuha. Mga empleyado niyo diyan sa GLOBE SM Marikina ang una niyong imbestigahan.Sa kapabayaan nila ako ang naperwisyo! At hanggang ngayon wala pa rin kayong resulta... Anong imbestigasyon ba ginagawa niyo??? Kung paano niyo tatakpan yung mga empleyado niyo??? Almost 3 months na tong reklamo ko! Everytime na nagpafollw up ako sa hotline niyo parating sinasabi saakin na sadyain ko mismo sa GLOBE Store SM Marikina. Ako na nga naperwisyo..ako pa mahihirapan para maayos yung kapalpakan niyo! Kayo dapat ang mismong nagpa-follow up sa mga empleyado niyong incharge sa GLOBE Store SM Marikina kung talagang inaasikaso niyo..

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              Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

              If you previously applied for Tattoo Home Broadband via sales agent offering the product on house to house, it is highly possible that your personal credentials were also used also to apply for Globe Postpaid Plan with device.


              I also found a blog wherein an insider from Globe can actually 'delete' the account for a premium fee and spare the client from any liabilities from monthly bill and he/she can reapply for another plan.


              what are your thoughts about this?


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                  Nope, never akong nag-apply for other GLOBE services. Just applied lang for the postpaid line and provide all the requirements. Its very clear in my case na talagang yung mga empleyado mismo ng GLOBE Store SM Marikina branch ang involve. Dahil sa kanila ko lang binigay yung mga personal details ko na requirements nila. Kaya sa mga bagong nag-aaply ng new line sa GLOBE. Para hindi kayo matulad sa ngyare sakin bantayan niyong maigi..always follow up the status of your application and if you think na matagal na or wala na kayong balak ituloy kunin pa.. Need niyong kunin lahat ng sinubmit niyong documents to be safe lang.

                  Hi GLOBE, hope to hear from you the soonest possible time.

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                  Just watched TV Patrol regarding the "sim swap scam". Magandang follow up ito.

                  On my experience, may nasingit naman na isang mobile number sa account ko making it two numbers in one account. I also made an affidavit of denial but never received any feedback about it. I just stopped following it up. This was on June 2014.

                  I was able to renew naman ang isang account ko last November 2014.