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    Series of Unfortunate Events because of Globe


      So last week I requested for a change of plan because I dont intend to continue paying for crappy internet service. The change will take effect on July 16.


      July 5 I bought a blackberry q10 (not from globe). I inserted my SIM (it's a nano sim with adapter to micro sim, I never owned an iPhone but I have a nano sim because at the time globe could not provide a micro sim). The sim with adapter couldn't fit and I ended up destroying the sim holder, my phone's still being repaired.


      I went to a globe store on July 5 to request for a change of sim. I was given a tri-cut sim and was told that it will be activated within 24 hours.


      24 hours later, the sim was still not active. So I called the hotline. I was told that my concern will be escalated and to wait for another 24 hours. I am not a patient man but I waited yet again.


      24 hours later, that's today, I called the hotline again. And then I was told that it cant be processed because I have a pending request (change plan) and their hi-tech system (the reason our bills were delayed 2 years ago) can only do 1 thing at a time.


      So that means I will have to wait until July 16 to activate the new sim.


      I told her, what I if lose my old sim before July 16, can you activate the new sim? She said she cant, so I better not lose my old sim within the next eight days because if I do globe cant help me.