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    Can someone explain my data usage to me logically?


      First, I must apologize if this has been asked before.  On July 2nd, I received a notification at 4:00pm that my data usage has reached 1.5GB.  At 4:50 on the same day, I received another SMA that I have reached 2.5GB.  A few minutes past 5, it proclaimed that I was over the 3GB data cap.I turned off my data  and called Globe (which was very disappointing, as usual).  I turned my data on to check some emails, doing nothing out of the ordinary and about an hour or so later, I confirmed via 8888 that I have reached 4.6GB of data usage.  I am on the old plan (Superplan 999) and yes, I am livid. 


      I know how the Fair Use Policy works.  I know why it was put in place.  I understand that Globe needs to do this.  And for that, I am grateful, because there are people who abuse this.  I am not complaining about the FUP, as I have told the 3 reps (one of them claimed to be a supervisor).  I am asking HOW is it possible for me to use up that much data in 2 days?  I do not download torrents, my personal hotspot is turned on; that is true.  However, I would know if someone connected to it because it shows the blue notification bar (?) on top.  I have wi-fi at home.  I have wi-fi at the office.  I only use data for checking emails and maybe looking up the traffic or something online while I am on the road.  I even go on airplane mode at night because I don't want to be bothered.  I did not update any apps.  There are 14 apps waiting to be updated on my phone at this very moment.  I only updated to IOS 8.4 on Friday at home.  It goes without saying that I do not use my data at the office because I work most of the time.  Apps running in the background are the same for the past I don't know how many months.  I do not play online games; I only play the ol' candy crush which can be played offline if you are not asking for lives or sending them.  I haven't even downloaded OWA so it will not refresh every minute.  In short, I have not done anything differently.  And please note that it was for only 2 days.  The last rep I spoke with confirmed my previous usages have been well within the monthly 3GB data cap.  No, I refuse to go on the newer plans.  No I refuse to pay extra for the speed refresh that they were offering.  I want to know HOW this happened.  No one was willing to admit that there may have been some error, or any explanation that would make sense.  No one can use up 4GB of data in 2 days without downloading a whole movie or updating all their apps (which I haven't).  Can anyone explain this?  I appreciate the fact that I won't be charged, but I do not want this to go on.  Nobody wants to get those notifications.  And I need normal browsing speeds.  Globe LTE is not the best in the planet, but for my needs, it will have to do.  But for Globe to punish me by putting me at a lower speed is not fair, because I have not used the data. 

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          Maybe Globe just wants you to move up to their GoSurf Plans.... Instead of paying Php 999 for an unlimited but throttled connection upon reaching 3Gb/month, you just pay a maximum amount of Php 1,500 for an unlimited, unthrottled connection which they claim is NOT subject to FUP.


          Logically, it is NOT the abuse they are after but more of the HIGHER charge translating into higher margins for them.


          If you decide to stick to your Php 999 plan (as I am because I am fighting for something that was taken away from us), then a logical explanation may not suffice... You just have to TRUST Globe when it comes to data used. Is that hard to do?

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              Agree on the higher charge.  The reps I have spoken with all offered the GoSurf plan.  Hell no. Why would I subject myself to Globe's ridiculous plans?    I don't know what they were smoking, but after what happened, do they really think I would switch to GoSurf? 


              The last comment made me laugh, though... Hahaha! Yes, that IS hard to do. 

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                  Just be patient as Globe might just follow suit as what the other telco did with their old unlimited subscriptions... they honored their past commitments giving a more WONDERFUL experience to their subscribers than the unlimited subscribers of Globe .


                  I think Globe's strategy now is to migrate as much subscribers to their GoSurf plans as possible (by prodding and giving "special" deals like Special GoSurf 999 ) so they could deal with fewer people in the future .

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                Woah, How did that happened?


                If you have SuperSurf subscription, change your Cycle Date every 1st of the month on your Phone's Data Usage Manager.

                3GB is measured every 1st of the month up to end of the month, not every billing period.


                I'll provide you an option on how to monitor your usage in Globe's System.

                Call 211 using your Globe Mobile, Then Select Language, Select 1 for Postpaid, Enter Mobile Number, Select 2 for Self Service, Select 2 for Mobile Usage, Select 1 for SuperSurf Usage.


                This will provide you your Globe System Usage in which you can tally with your Phone's Data Usage Manager. This is also free of charge.


                Hope this helps you.

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                    Hello genecoholic,


                    I am aware that it refreshes every 1st of the month.  Thanks for providing the steps; I never needed to track my usage until Friday (GRRRRR!). 


                    I still cannot understand how anyone who does not download nor update apps using cellular data could use up 4.6 GB of data in 2 days.  Globe has been consistent - it's my fault, they say (although in different words; you get the drift).

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                    Arnel S. Bansil

                    Howdy carrot!


                    My apologies for the confusion about your data usage. Can I ask if that 4.6 GB data usage includes your OS upgrade to 8.4?