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    INCORRECT TIMESTAMPS, please help us fix this immediately


      Hello good afternoon po . I'll just raise a concern about the incorrect Timestamps that's currently happening to us prepaid globe users. It's been 4 days since this happened po, and up until now it still does. I'm using IPhone 5, and instead of seeing recived text that says "Now", it says 2 or 3 hours ago. How can we fix this ?. Is it due to the storm that we have now?, that's why our Timestamps are delayed ?..


      Please fix this, not only am I really bothered by this, but also for some globe prepaid users too.


      * we only get the wrong Timestamps whenever someone texts us, may it be globe/TM, but when we text them, it's correct. And also, when someone texts us and we reply, it'll correspond to the wrong Timestamps that they've been sent to us.