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    GCASH Under Maintenance


      Hi, until when is your GCASH maintenance cause I can't do my cash in using my prepaid load because it always says that It's under maintenance and if I'm not mistaken, It's almost a week now! Is this really under maintenance or you disabled that kind of transaction? And one more thing, what's the reason why I can't send money from my GCASH account to another account? I can receive but I can't send! is it because of your KYC process? And FYI I can't perform that KYC process that you are requiring because your GCASh partners here doesn't know about that. I asked several times for the KYC process in a different GCASH partners but no one knows about it. So please tell me the exact location or branch where I can perform that KYC! I'm located here in Del Monte Quezon City. I hope you can help me regarding this matter.