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    too old


      I went to the Smart store in Legazpi. I applied for a P999 postpaid plan.

      "Not approved. I'm too old".


      Went to the Globe store upstairs. Applied for a P2,499 postpaid plan with P9,600 cash out Got approved within minutes. Took my Note 4 back to the Smart store downstairs and waived it around while telling everyone about my situation. "You can keep your plan. I don't need it! You think I am too old and will not approve me in spite of my income being greater than everyone in this store - combinedI Smart people choose Globe!"


      Why should this story concern you? I suspect that most of you are young, but, believe me, you will grow old also. Then Smart will probably not approve you for a postpaid plan. "What does it matter?" You may ask, "I'll just go prepaid" Here's why it matters: I loaded my prepaid card with P2,000. Then I called Social Security USA. "If you are 5 feet tall press one. If you are 5 feet one press two" and so on.and so forth.


      After about forty minutes on hold my call was dropped. My P2,000 load had been consumed without my having spoken to anyone!. One needs postpaid in a situation such as this.


      Throughout my years in the Philippines, I have dealt with both Smart and Globe. I have had so many bad experiences with Smart - like being charged for calls that didn't connect - that I am glad that Globe offers a better alternative.






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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy Roderick999!


          I'm glad we were able to bring something wonderful into your day.


          Thanks for sharing your story with us here in Globe Community. Looking to see more awesome stories like this being shared here in the future. Enjoy your Galaxy Note 4!



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              HI, thanks for your kind comments. Yes it was worth the price of the phone to see the stunned looks on the faces of the Smart employees when I made my comments in their store! It really is a pity that the law allows some crucial companies here to practice age discrimination and deny prepaid service to, at least, some older folks. If they were really SMART they should say, "Mr. Smith, because you are 50+, we require you to take out a Term Life Insurance Plan added to your contract. This will increase your payments by, say, P55 per month." .They declined my Postpaid application even after I told someone who called me from Smart that I would pay for the entire two-years up front!   SMART indeed!



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              Please come back after a month or more, or a year or two, if you can say the same feedback with globe.

              For now, cheers indeed!