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    Why I Terminated My Globe Account




      So I posted this discussion earlier this week, it's about my request for SIM card replacement not being processed. And now I terminated my Globe account.


      You might think that not processing my request is a mababaw reason to terminate a 5-year old account. It was a hard decision for me because I used my Globe number for work and personal matters. But it is not just about the SIM replacement, it's about how the personnel treated me for the past week.


      Like I said, they make me run around for 2 days just to have that SIM replacement activated, not giving me a reason as to why make me go back again and again just to have it processed. One even said that he would call me within 24 hours kung maactivate na or kung malaman niya kung bakit hindi maactivate but he never did. This shouldn't be the case, I am a paying customer, hindi ninyo ako dapat pinapahirapan.


      So after 2 days of agony, I called the hotline yet again and I was given a reason that is not acceptable. Basically the CSR said Globe's system is S (I can't spell this out, I don't know why it is banned since Miriam Santiago can use it as the first word of the title of her best-selling book). It can only do one process at a time. Hello Globe, it's 2015 for crying out loud, ever heard of multitasking?


      I didn't stop there, I thought my persistence would beat Globe's stubbornness and the other S word (Hello Sen. Mirian). I tweeted @talk2Globe and this @LiwayofGlobe replied. Blah blah blah, authentication, confirmation, blah, and then my most dreaded tweet from Globe CSR on twitter everytime I have a concern: I'll have this checked. I'll be back! Translation: There's nothing I can do for you, so stop tweeting and eat S (a different S this time).


      *Side note: My conversations with Globe CSRs on twitter usually (about 90% of the time) end with "I'll have this checked" and then... oblivion!


      So 2 hours after @LiwayofGlobe said she'll check it for me (I think that's enough time to check, I mean it's just a few clicks on a mouse and keyboard), I followed up with her and @talk2Globe. I tweeted them every 10 minutes for the next 5 hours but they just completely ignored me. Not even a "Please be patient, I'm still checking".


      So I called the hotline for the last time to terminate the account, I was immediately transferred to "Retention" but I have decided with "Termination". But I still let her explain to me where Globe went wrong, and it made me even angrier.


      She said the Globe Store that I went to could have done something about the SIM activation. If the problem is another pending request that will only take effect on July 16, they could have cancelled that request, went through with the SIM activation, then process the earlier request again. (I still think changing the S system will be better for all the customers). She said she can pull some ropes and have the SIM activated soonest.


      I was angry because I was right all along. There is something that can be done, and Globe is just not doing it. You made me seek for the  solution again and again that you should have given me the first time I went to that Globe Store). And you offer me that last minute? S you! (another S, it's like a spiral nail).


      But there's a silver lining to all of this. I have this Smart plan that I am only using as a backup (in fact it's inserted in a semi-basic phone). And I just discovered that it is more practical to be Smart! (Now that's an S word I like). I immediately subscribed to MEGA250 with unli-text to all networks, 180 minutes tri-net calls, 100MB data. I also subscribed to Bigbytes799 with 6GB of data + 1GB Spinnr + 100MB Youtube. Ansabe ng 5GB ng Gosurf999?

      I am not promoting Smart here (or maybe, somehow, I am). I am just saying I closed my options for Globe before and I am glad that because of what they did to me, I got the better deal.