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    My Weekend Gaming Habits

    Rust Cohle

      Long weekend is coming. Not to sound too much like the late beloved Eddard Stark.


      July 17 has been officially declared a non-working holiday meaning as soon as work's done, I'm free to sit on the couch Thursday evening and play video games all day for three days straight. As video gamers we all have our own weekend habits that help us sail away from the real world into the realms of Racoon City or Midgard from Final Fantasy VII.


      What do you think of these weekend habits of mine?


      Food hoarding

      I don't know about you, but I sometimes spend my Friday evenings in groceries hoarding food and snacks to sustain me for at least 12 hours of video gaming bliss.




      Deciding whether to press Start Mission or to get up and tend to my grumbling stomach is often one of the worst decisions you have to make in life. So before going on a two-day gaming spree I'd stock up on chips, sodas and other finger foods and the like. Let the weekend gaming sessions begin!


      ON Airplane Mode / OFF mobile phone

      Gaming is a sacred activity—at least, for us addicted to video games. So I'd leave messages to my friends and relatives who might come looking for me over the course of the next two days, then I would do what I had to do…



      It's either enable Airplane Mode or switch off the phone completely. I prefer the former, since it's easier whenever I'd unlock an achievement or beat a special boss and need data to share the glorious event on Twitter.


      What are your weekend gaming habits?