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    Tattoo @Home 4G Problem [Installation Request]


      I've been requesting technical people to conduct @Home 4G testing in my home to confirm whether the said service is available or not but they keep on insisting that it is not yet available and that they are not sure when it will become available.


      I've been a previous Wimax subscriber and currently using Globe DSL 3Mbps for Php 999 and after moving to a new place, the technical people that surveyed the new place said that they can't transfer my DSL line because it is too far from the "box". But since my DSL account is still within the contract (until Oct. 2015) there's no choice for me but to pay until the said contract ends.


      I badly needed an internet connection so I proposed that I change my plan to Tattoo @home 2 Mbps (no landline) for the same price. But as I have said, they insist that the said service is not available.


      I check Globe's 4G Spotter and it shows that there's a communication tower nearby that provides the said service. The address is Purok 1 Malamig Bustos Bulacan and that is only 405m away (based on Google Maps) from my new location which is Purok 2.


      Can somebody help me on this? Thanks!