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    hope to know the answer


      hi good day. im carlo recaña, naka subscribe ako sa LTE Globe Broadband Plan 1599 5mbps and my first bill was two thousand plus.i just want to ask how is it happen? i saw some payment na wala akong idea because this my first time to avail a internet connection. i hope you can answer mo. thanks



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          It's already indicated. The 184.22 is the amount for your usage of internet when it's not yet activated. The 11.41 is for your usage of the super homephone. Actually, it is 99.8 (11.41 + 88.39) amount you have to pay for the super homephone. I don't know what are those. The 1,427.67 is for your usage of internet (5mps) for a month minus the days when it is not yet activated. The last 2 are your amortized payments. Btw, it's just my assumption.