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    speed issue for lte broadband


      I am currently working overseas thus i had this globe lte broadband installed back home for my brother for skype-ing and other stuff, but today he is complaining that he can't barely see my face. I asked him to run test thru speedtest.net and he got a result of ping of 42 ms and dl speed of 0.61Mbps. I understand that some telcos will say 600kbps is within the range of normal speed, but our plan is for 2mbps for 20gb (this is the max. Speed of the area) so it hasn't even reach the 80% speed margin (not sure of the term i've read before on the globe site). Right after the installation i asked my brother to run speed test he said he's getting around 1.6mbps to 1.8mbps, that result is acceptable for me because i understand how wireless connection works. Now, I am not sure if the issue is brought by data usage capped, i am not aware of any way of checking the status of the data allowance if there's any. My brother badly need his internet speed back, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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          It would be best to call the hotline 211 so they can check further what's causing the problem. There will be a verification process for the account holder so make sure the necessary information is at hand before calling the hotline. 211 is toll free using any globe line.