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    Globe LTE modem status red on and off every few minutes


      This Post is written with Smart Bro prepaid since weeks I have the probme with the modem status turning RED every few minutes (apparently also when having a bit of "load" in Internet traffic, meaning, opening a facebook page in addition to another site)


      Now I sent several emails to [email protected] bu receive only standard answer.

      It even appears nobody READS the mails, as I sent a few with the already answered Questions and Instructiosn and they still ask for the same things.

      I got case numbers :





      none of them showed any results.


      The latest answer was :


      This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email. We have re-checked our facility status and your area facility is still highly utilized due to number of users in your area. Rest assured that our technical team are conducting upgrade to support the usage in your area. Rest assured that we will be working on this. It may require over the next months to finish the activity due to extensive network planning and other technical requirements.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      quote end-

      Now this is absolutely unacceptable, MONTHS ?!

      This and a couple of other emails I have now on file and I slowly thinking of taking up legal measures...

      After all, I pay monthly bills and there is no discount or other measures by Globe. I am simply ignored.


      Now my other questions :

      What can that be aside from no signal caused by faulty Globe infrastruture? Modem broken ?


      Please advise and help.