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    When Will LG G4 be offered in recontracting


      When Will you offerlgg4 forrecontract ?

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          I am also interested in getting this phone for recontracting. Unfortunately, wala pa rin when I called the recontacting hotline. I also tweeted about it, and they cant help me with my concern.


          Went to a Globe store in Glorietta, and  the cash-out prices are not the same as the one in the website, and they dont entertain recontracting subscribers,


          So disappointing lagi pag plan ko magpa recontract. Just like in 2013 when I recontacted for Samsung S3 Mini & LG G2, and last year for iPhone 6 Plus. I had a hard time recontracting because these phone were "exclusively: offered for NEW subscribers. Had to try my luck in different Globe stores to be accommodated, most of the stores advised me to get a new line instead.