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    NAT Issue


      Hi There Guys,


      Sana matulungan niyo ko. I have a WiiU (Nintendo Console) and I'm having an issue playing online games, specifically Nintendo games. The error I'm getting is NAT related. I know there's already multiple threads related to NAT, port forwarding etc, but nothing specific to my case.


      The propose solution by Nintendo is first: assigned a static IP to my console (WiiU), Second: Setup DMZ (demilitarized zone): if not resolved proceed to setting up port forwarding for ports 1-65535.

      Troubleshooting here


      I'm on [email protected] 5mbps plan with Huawei LTE CPE B593 modem/router. Alam ko na walang option to set the above configurations sa GUI ng modem (aside from assigning a static IP to my console, which is an incomplete step), So I did all those steps on an external router (TPLINK wr740), all but a wasted effort. Pinatay ko na din firewall through the external router, baka sakali. It's highly possible na ung config ng external router ay hindi na-kecarry over sa mismong modem/network config but I still tried.


      Meron po ba way to bypass ung NAT ng Modem or to request that to be done on the backend? Else, any other steps that I need to take? Did more research and it's possible to resolve the issue by configuring one of the modem's port to "bridge mode" but would need to be configured by the ISP, any way to request this?


      Salamat po and GOD bless!