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    Data Cap


      hmm... i dunno but why does home networks have data capping? while a lot of my friends from other ISPs have no data cap?...T<T

      this 30GB monthly cap is a pain.... while my previous WiMax has at least 120gb(i didn't know this exists not until I asked).... I can use up 1.5GB of data in 3 hours from my normal surfing... FB, GOOGLE search, Youtube Tutorals at 480p(still blurry as fuck for  tutorials) updating dropbox and downloading our game project file from Github.... what more if I play online games and start doing network intensive works..T<T i could probably use all that data cap for like 1 week or so..T<T not to mention STEAM GAMES(DRM).... and the DSL network is not available in our area so this is what the customer care service suggested as the best option.

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          Arnel S. Bansil



          The Fair Use Policy has been implemented with the best interests of all Globe customers in mind. Please read this for more details.



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            I dunno... but it feels like THE BEST INTEREST OF GLOBE ITSELF.... and they are generalizing everyone as damn mobile elitees....

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                Maybe, just maybe, you may need to subscribe to another data plan with a higher Data Cap.

                If Globe Telecom (not Teletubbies) cannot find wonderful ways to be of wonderful service to you, I would like to think that you know the wonderful step to do (aside from sharing your valid sentiments about the FUP).

                This is WILL Benedict and I approve FUP whether * Some Text Missing * like it or not.

                Have a wonderful day!


                P.S. Welcome Back, Demerock :p Si Gibo na lang ang kulang kulang. 

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                Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

                My previous post was moderated again, Im so pissed. This doesnt look like a forum/community interaction anymore. nelskib

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                  Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

                  nelskib The link you provided when i check it, the site is working but No content whatsoever when I clicked Members Conduct category, Have you check it first before giving the link?

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                      Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

                      Alright I seen it, but which sub-category did I violated?


                      It seems if its not in favor to Globe Its moderated, keep this and no wonder some guys who use to be active on answering queries before no longer participated here. I find those moderating thing absurb.

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                          It is just that Globe DOES NOT honor its past commitments with existing subscribers and for some reason any past subscriptions could be changed by Globe ANYTIME they want.


                          The reality here is (and I hope I do not get moderated because tech people and the mods know this) that


                          1.Globe would not be able to handle what they have offered in the past with their existing facilities OR

                          2. They just want to make money out of it.


                          The danger here is that initially Globe would give you the sun and the moon and everything nice then after 3 years change it to LIMIT the benefits (like what we are experiencing) by invoking LOOPHOLES which obviously will take years to litigate (it it even reaches there). By that time, the customer has already lost out and will have no choice but to adopt it. I've seen it happen many times already in my 21 years with Globe.


                          We could understand if new policies would be implemented in NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS but please stop bullying your "loyal" subscribers.