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    Approved for plan 1799 but disapproved for plan 1499??!


      Hi Globe,


      I just want to know the reason why I was disapproved for a postpaid application for 1499 which was done over the hotline on May 14th, since I had a application done in Nov for plan 1799 which was approved and was already set for delivery on March but I had to cancel the delivery since I had to be out for town for a couple of months.  My financial income and work hasn't changed and it seems disappointing that no email , sms or call was delivered to say that I was disapproved.  I had to call numerous times to globe and they said they will escalate it and will receive a callback within 24-48 hours but yet none received.  I chose Globe since you have the best reception in my area but now I feel that I have no other option but to endure ridiculous service from your competitors.  Is it true too that i can't apply anymore with Globe if I had a disapproved application..because that what the hotline sales rep said over the phone.  Can I try re processing it at a store then?  Hopefully I could get help with this since you have the best plans, service and reputation for now.  If Globe is listening, I could provide the all reference numbers I was given from all my followups. Thanks