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    Globe prepaid pocket wifi


      My pocket wifi is not charging any more.

      Looks like the usb port is functioning no more. I've tried changing several chargers and connector but nothing make a difference.



      One time while the device is ON and charging from the wall outlet, for almost whole day. I've noticed the device shut off by itself and its very hot that a sim card curl upward when I opened it. I thought at first it was just over changed or so, but somehow after the incident it didn't charge any more.


      Does anybody know here how to fix it? Or probably I need to send it to a repair shop or buy a new one.



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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          You probably bricked the device, this happens when using a non compatible charger


          though you probably used a 5V USB Charger it might have different ampherage.


          check the charger that comes with the device when you purchased it and compare to the one you recently used.


          Usually it is 5v and 1amp, if the charger specification is 5v 1.5amp then theres a high probability it will cause damage to the device e.g. overheating

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            Refer it to the Nearest Globe store, they will help yu on this..

            Verify and validate your device for as long as within 12 month Warranty. vdgelig