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    Globe Wifi hub mybusiness


      i want to ask alot of things about the globe mybusiness wifi hub but unfortunately the globe store at the district imus told me that they dont know such a promo and insist that i should ask here online i wanted to go to other globe store but my schedule is quite tight, ok so here's my question hoping someone might answer i want to know how much do i really need to pay monthly is it just 1899 fix? or should i pay for installation and the wifi printer thing too? is the automatic generated password of the said thing only works for 1 device or it can be used more than 1 device? what if our power suddenly black out does the timer of the existing user will stop of continue? can i use the program to other PC? i hope someone from globe will contact me i have a lot of question in mind

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy sauler!


          For more details about Globe myBusiness Wifi Hub, check out this page. If you have inquiries not covered there, feel free to call myBusiness hotline (02) 730-1010 for Luzon; (032) 401-1010 for Visayas; and (082) 321-1010 for Mindanao.



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            I recently got my Globe myBusiness Wifi Hub. It's a pretty nifty device and is a very good choice for those wanting to quickly add a pay-per-use wifi hotspot on their existing business. The only problem is you won't get much support from Globe. I tried calling their technical support hotline today and they didn't have a clue as to what the wifi hub is. They transferred me to their Account Specialist who apparently transferred me back to Technical Support. It was a very frustrating experience.

            I can probably answer some of your questions based on my experience with the device and their promo.

            First, the 1899 is a fixed price for a 5mbps plan with Wifi hub. You don't have to pay extra for the Wifi printer device. It's already included in the plan. There's also a lockup period of 24 months. You will have to pay the usual installation fees unless they would have a promo that would waive installation fees as well. I would have to pay for mine and the installation fee will be charged on my first billing statement.

            The generated account/password will only work with one device at a time. If you try to access the same password on a different device simultaneously, it will give you an error. I'm not sure if it will allow you to use a single account for multiple users (like the ones in a hotel) if you will configure the device for RADIUS.

            You can configure the device to either issue one-time access accounts or accounts that can be accessed several times until the remaining time is consumed.

            You can also configure the device to accept credit cards but you will have to have a PayPal business account. Also, for some odd reason, they excluded the Philippine Peso currency on the PayPal settings on the wifi printer device.

            This is an issue I've been trying to get resolved by Globe but apparently, per the tech support manager I spoke with, even the upper management of Globe don't even know what this device is.

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              hi thanks for your time answering my question unfortunately my application for wifi hub has been rejected because our area cannot be installed by a wired landline and internet so i was pretty disappointed on that they say i can only avail wireless plan which is not compatible with the wifi Hub but when i ask them why our neighbor shop have a globe plan which is internet+landline and then their statement change now it's because the wifi hub is not available this time in our area.... i tried going to globe store in SM and District but none of them even know what the wifi hub is which frustrate me a lot.. globe employees must know all the promo so they can answer the customers inquires not waste our precious time to go in their store and leave empty handed i hope globe higher ups can read this oh imma mention the store i gone to (District Imus/Sm PalaPala) the employee there don't know anything... educate your employee about your promo!