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    hi im carl


      i joined here hoping to find a way to be a globe load distributor.... kase lagi nalang akong naiisahan ng pinapaloadan ko padagdag ng padagdag 2 pesos 3 pesos minsan 5pesos... naiirita na ako.... kaya magtatayo na ako ng sariling kong paloadan xD thanks for reading sorry medyo magulo xD...

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy cenomil!


          I admire your take on the situation, really. You can find a retailer sim at our nearest Globe store.



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              thanks for the quick response!
              "When i was starting we use to enjoy 15% profit margin. As years pass by it became less and less just recently last may if i recall the reduce the rate retailers earned now down to 7.5% . Most retailers are shock with the move and what can we do we really feel the pinch of the adjustments when smart adjust its own profit margin globe follow suit."

              now i know why they add 2pesos when i load is there update about the profit or it reduces to 0%