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    Paperless Billing is not working!


      I received my Feb. to March phone bill and until now im still waiting for my March to April Billing.

      Me and my officemates were on the same situation. What should we do to view our bill? the Globe online is not working also.

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          Hi joansdiana: indeed the online portal is currently unavailable. We havent received any updates just yet as to when this will be rectified. I suggest you follow/tweet @talk2globe for the upcoming updates. You can also call 211 to get more info about your bill or drop to any globe store..

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            Hi joansdiana just ping @talk2globe, thats what i did when i did not received any bills for more than 2 months already. If your bill is available they can forward it to you if not you may need to wait until your bill is generated. To check your balance you can dial *143# for balance and un billed request.