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    Transfer Payment to Reconnect the Phone


      I request transfer payment from our Wimax to Superhome Phone. Maria Christina Bermas told me she can not because my Superhome Phone was cancelled due to Non-Payment. Now, My Wimax account have over Php 1515.09 payment. Christina recommendation is to pay another Php 1478.70 in my Superhome Phone to reconnect the service. What is this? Anyone could help please? I really dont understand why we need to show proof id its clearly showing in Dashboard and Why do I need to pay more?!

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy bewareglobe!


          I just want to clarify the situation. When you were told that you have a non-payment of P1515, have you already settled it or not yet?



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              Let me clarify the issue. We have 1 subscription with two account number (that we are not aware of. We only knew this issue when the phone disconnected and talk to globe. since globe never send any bill regarding the phone)

              Wimax Broadband with superphone bundle that is our subscription.


              As per our globe rep:

              Wimax Account balance CREDIT 15.09

              SuperPhone Account balance 1478.70


              My mom pay 1500Php as advise by Globe. The problem here she was not advise on what account she need to pay and she didnt ask since we dont have other subscription far as we know. So, my mom deposited the 1500Php to our Wimax. After 1 week the phone was disconnected. no incoming no outgoing but you continue billing us on our wimax broadband for additional 200Php for Superphone.

              We requested to transfer the payment to resolve the issue but until now no one care to do it.

              Now our wimax account had 1515.09 CREDIT.

              Until now, our phone is not connected. As soon as PLDT offer there service in our area. We will disconnect the whole services we have including 2 business account with you if you didnt resolved it immediately.