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    Unit replacement


      Hi Globe. I subscribed for an iPhone 6 as an additional line of my Family Bundle Plan last June 30,2015. Just last week (July 15) my unit messed up. suddenly it shuts down and when I turned it on the screen turns blue, and then it keeps on turning on and off with blue screen on for almost an hour. I took a video of it using my iPad and showed it to one of your customer service representatives in Centrio Ayala Service Center,and I was not convinced with his answer on how to rectify the problem of my the unit. He just told me that there's no immediate replacement of the unit. It will only be fixed/ being replaced at the iPhone store in Manila which will take 2-3 months, and it appeared to me as if I had no other option but to let my phone's situation as it is and I have no better option to take.


      Question: it  was just the first month of my iPhone 6 1,799 plan with you. How could I make use of the plan I have subscribed in if my phone fucks up during the first  month of my 24 month contract with you? Is there a faster and better way for my unit to be replaced? Lastly, can you provide us a better option to rectify problems like this? I had been a loyal customer with your network and It's very disappointing to be receiving a very dissatisfactory service. Thank you

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          Answers to your questions:

          1. Use another phone.

          2. Unfortunately, it is Globe's call and all you can do is plead. Globe sends the iphone abroad for checking and eventual replacement if needed.

          3. A better option is to make everything in the process faster which unfortunately has been suggested way way back before but to no avail.


          I've also had issues with Globe but I just have to be honest in saying that throughout my 21 years with Globe it has become from bad to worse unless you know somebody inside.