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    Why am I being throttled on a daily basis instead of monthly?


      So last July 11, my housemates and I had a DSL connection (Plan 1299 - 3 Mbps, 50 GB per month) installed. For the first 2 weeks, everything was fine. The speed was at a stable 2.1 ~ 2.5 Mbps. However, last July 26, we were unable to access any websites. The browser redirects to a page saying we should pay our bills (we already paid the 1 month advance plus installation fee on July 11). So I called the Globe hotline and they sent some technicians the next day to fix the problem. Now, when I tried to download the dota 2 reborn update (7 GB) overnight, our connection became throttled the next day (only ~5 GB was downloaded, and the speed fell to 0.5 Mbps. I then paused the download.). I waited for 12 midnight in the hopes that the speed would revert to normal. It did go up but it was only at 1.7 Mbps. Then I tried to download the windows 10 update (2.7 GB) overnight and the next day, I was throttled again (only 2.5 gb was downloaded, and speed fell to 0.5 Mbps again.)


      What gives? According to the website and brochures, there is supposed to be a 50 GB monthly data allowance for wired DSL connections. Why am I being throttled on a daily basis? The 1st two weeks I was able to download a 5 GB game without any problems. Also, I have read that throttling should only reduce the speed to 30% of your plan; 0.5 Mbps is too low for that, is this normal?