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    I can't access 3G connection on my Samsung S4


      I'm using a GOSAKTO promo inclusive of 1,000 texts and 1 GB of mobile data for a week. I can access both 2G (Edge) and 4G connections with my phone, but apparently never 3G connections. It's fine when I'm in Manila, where I can easily access 4G connection. However, in places where only 3G is available, I never have the choice other than to settle for 2G connection. It's not with the promo, because a friend of mine uses the same promo, but can access 3G in places I can't. What should I do? Are there settings I need to modify on my phone?


      And by the way, my S4 is an unlocked phone orginally from the United States. Its original service provider was AT&T.


      To anyone who'll help me, thank you very much.