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    Is the LG G3 Beat a 4G capable phone?


      Screen Shot 2015-08-03 aat 11.57.36 AM.png

      Well, according to the website, it is. Above is a screenshot from their website (globe.com.ph). I was on dilemma on which phone should I pick but then I saw this and finally decided that I should just get the LG G3 Beat instead. I called the Sales Hotline to order and they processed it quickly. I also asked the rep (just to make sure) if this phone has LTE. She said yes. I put my whole trust with the rep because I also saw the website and it says it has LTE.


      Last week, I received my phone. I got the LG G3 Beat D724 model, which doesn't have LTE. I was really mad because I waited for 3 months for the phone to arrive, only to receive the wrong model. I called in right after I have received it and asked for a manager. The manager only told me that she will make a report about it and I should just wait for a feedback within 24-48hours. I waited but no one called back to provide me answers.


      To my frustration, I called in again and asked the rep on what to do with the unit. They told me to go the store. So I went to the store and reported my problem. They told me that they will give me feedback (again) within 24-48hours. It's been 7days already.


      I hope Globe provides feedback faster than they send out their bills.


      Anyways... Does anyone here knows the procedure to get a replacement? I have tried Twitter, email, hotline, store to ask for answers but they aren't providing me an answer yet. Help! I badly needed a 4G capable phone for work. I can't settle for 3G.