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    s4 stolen


      I recently bought a 2nd hand s4 from a friend, it's still globe locked. Then, unfortunately it got stolen while i boarded a van to work...

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          Sorry to hear about that but things happen and just let it go. You can have it blottered in the police station in the remote possibility that they recover it.


          It' s actually useless reporting it to Globe or the NTC for blocking because the reality is that it could be unblocked easily so just let it go and try to move on with life and hope things would get better.

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            Arnel S. Bansil

            Howdy maxee!


            I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your phone. You can report it to our nearest Globe store, they'll ask for the IMEI, though it needs to be done by the account owner if the device is still within contract.