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    How to quit to my "best-ever MySuperplan 999"


      Hi. I am currently subscribed to Best-ever MySuperplan 999. I'm at 8th month of the 24 months contract, what are the procedures to quit and what are the payments (if there will be)  that I should pay.


      Thank you!

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          ebediones You may first call the hotline for further assistance with requirements and computation of applicable charges.


          Option 1

          • Call 027301300
          • Choose 1 (English) or 2 (Taglish)
          • Choose 1 (Mobile)
          • Choose 3 (Request for Cancellation or Permanent Disconnection of Postpaid Line or Tattoo Stick)


          Option 2

          • Call 211
          • Choose 1 (English) or 2 (Taglish)
          • Enter your 11-digit mobile number
          • Choose 8 (Speak with a Customer Service Representative)