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    Globe [email protected] 5Mbps Plan, Malvar Batangas Area


      We were a Wimax user before, 1Mbps Plan, and whenever our cap resets, we can play Dota 2 on 3 computer at once without any problem. Since Globe decided to phase-out Wimax, we changed to LTE and avail the 5Mbps plan expecting for it to be better.


      But it's been 3 months now since its been installed and its not getting any better. From day 1, our download speed is at 30kbps from morning till midnight and sometimes it even drops up to 5kbps.. ridiculous right? I've been calling your customer service and the answer are always the same, wait and keep monitoring... blah blah blah.. kinda frustrating but I couldn't blame the person on the other line.


      And what's worst? Couldn't play any online games at the moment because whenever I try, the latency or ping goes really high to the point that you couldn't connect anymore. Here's a screenshot of what happens :



      I'm not yet playing but ping already spiked to 3k++ then " Request timed out " but when I closes the game, it returns to normal. No other application is running, Wifi is turned off, can only use one computer because of damn 30kbps internet speed.


      So for a 5Mbps Plan that I've paid for 3 months now, here's the service that I'm recieving ( ever since its been installed ) :

      • Morning until midnight of 5kbps~30kbps internet speed.
      • Couldn't play online games for 3 months now. ( Ex. Dota 2 )
      • Even when the cap resets where supposedly, doing math, my internet speed should be around 600kbps, I still only get the damn 30kbps.


      I wanted to know if this will ever be fixed. This is not what I'm paying for. It's been 3 months now. Do something with this crappy service of yours.

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          Did any of the onsite tech visited your place to check the problem? If not, then demand to have an onsite visit since it is already 3 months issue is not resolved. Also, since you are not getting the subscribe speed you can demand bill rebate on the number of days your are unable to use the service.

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            LTE is much worse than WIMAX, and I agree to that. Wimax is a very reliable service that has been around for years while LTE has been under rigorious testing and improvement pa. LTE are not so much reliable kasi both Cellphones and your Home LTE are using the same Frequency, though, there are different APN and settings. This means that your HOME LTE is such like a mobile data also unlike wimax that uses special frequency.


            Therefore said, it is much likely that your area is congested and LTE is not yet good. I still prefer Wimax, DSL over LTE as of the moment in almost all areas except some good areas that has really good and reliable LTE base stations that were ment to handle large numbers of users.