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    Hi, Ill just ask something


      HI Ill just ask something,  I've already message the globe page. this is a copy

      the Scenario is, My phone (provided by a Globe plan 500 at Globe Store Pinamalayan, Oriental MIndoro Branch) malfunctioned last March. The problem was the SIM 2 function of the phoone just got locked and no local SIM is accepted. Its just locked requiring some Unlocking code.I brought it to a HUAWEI (because its a Huawei Y600) service provider as the agent from globe store SM manila branch suggest. The thing is, they just formatted the phone and and didn't fix it. Also, they told me that it has aproblem on its motherboard and suggested me to bring it at the Huawei service provider at Greenhills San Juan. As a student and new to Metro Manila, I can't get there easily. NOTE: they told me it has a MOTHERBOARD PROBLEM.  I just decided not to think of it and focus to my studies. Summer came, and another malfunction occurred.  The problem is it was LOGO-stucked. I brought it to Globe Store Pinamalayan, Oriental MIndoro Branch. they suggested me that they will bring it to Manila so that the service provider will fix it. If any additional charge will apply, they will give it back and we will shoulder the problem. We agreed. As days pass, we are notified y the agent will be fixed if we will pay additional charge of 2000+. As agreed, the phone will be given back to us if additional charges occur. By the way, they diagnosed the phone has an LCD problem. By the time we are going to get the phone, we are required to pay P200 charge. My mom refused as it is now agreed on the time we surrendered the phone for fixing process.    Now my question is, Is there any other way we can get the phone back?    PS: Another problem is, the service provider diagnosed it as Motherboard Problem but Globe did it as LCD problem. A bit confused who is right.   Any suggestions to my problem? I am now only using my old basic phone inserted to it is my Plan 500. I am not enjoying its Free phone feature. I also really need that/ a smartphone now.