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    globe billing statement


      i have not received yet my globe billing statement for the month of march, april & may, 2013. Kindly send me one.. Thank you in advance for your response.

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          Hi seafront_janis you can tweet @talk2Globe for your bill, i was waiting for my bills also but upon checking with globe these were generated already and i asked them to forward on my registered e-mail, they werent able to send it maybe due to the billing system enhancement 

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             yung sa akin rin wala pa!

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              Have you not received an email like 3-4 months ago from GLOBE explaining that because of the expansion project they are doing, billing statements will be delayed. So yes, what you can do is call them, and a customer rep will check your account and you will have to write down your total bill. The problem now is when you exceed your PLAN allowance you cannot really check for the details how did they arrived with your bill.

              Or just like one customer rep advised me when I called them regarding this matter, you can just pay your monthly bill (base on your plan), then once their system is up again and ready to generate our billing statement, you can just pay for the excess, if you have.

              Globe said on their interview on TechPinas that their system will be up again this June together with the other upgrades of their services, specifically on 3G and LTE service.
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                Same situation as seafront_janis.  My problem is that my company pays my mobile bills as long as I can submit the billing statements.  I've now got about 3 months worth of bills I can't reimburse because of the lack of statements.  You'd think that Globe would offer to snail-mail the statements as part of their service to their customers.  The change in their systems is not a reason for lack of proactive action on Globe's part.  Would Globe allow us not to pay or be late in payments of our bills since we don't have the statements?  Looks pretty one-sided to me.

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                  Hi there!

                  smile :-) Seafront_Janis

                  I understand how important to be updated to your bill and to know what are the charges on your bill. what you need to do is to call Globe customer service and updated the billing address on your account. They can also send the copy of your previous bill if you really need it.

                  If you know u'r monthly bill and if that's fix.. just go to any Bayad Center or Bank and provide your account number and the amt. you want to pay..

                  Hope I provided the solution to your concern.. Thanks
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                    hi, since Globe have upgraded their system, they sent out a mail stating that there will be a delay on our billing statement, what you can do is to sign up for their online account management where you can see you bill and you an option to print it, also you can sign up for your bill to be sent to your email add, and you can also print it, and another option is you can go to a Globe store and ask for a printed copy of your bill

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                      encountering same problem, my billing statement for the month of May is not yet send to my e-mail..


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                        You may enroll to Paperless Billing.