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    How to change my 4G Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi


      Like I've read to other similar discussions, other questions are not clear and none of the answers are helpful.
      So I will clear my question out.
      My user name is admin same as my password.
      I know, I know. You will tell me to access it on Already done that.
      1. went to

      2,click Quick Setup
      3.login my user: admin password:admin
      4. I see Profile name My Tattoo WiFi-Prepaid
      5. The problem starts here.

      My screen is small enough, so I can see all possible buttons to help me change my username and password.


      Pressable buttons
      1. Logout
      2. Home
      3. Next
      4. Cancel


      And yes, no button to change username and password. Trying to tap Username and Password where I can fill in but nope, the space are inaccessible. Cannot click nor tap.


      Reason why I wanna change my username and password?
      - For security reasons, I share my SSID and WiFi password but I do not want anyone to access that area because they might change my WiFi password.


      Please do help me with this. I really need a sensible and easy to follow instructions to solve my problem.