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    Plan 999 but my 1st and 2nd bill is over 2-3k..


      I subscribed a new line to globe last may 11 plan 999 Galaxy S6 with 20880 cashout. but availed their promo charge to bill for the cashout. so that would be an additional 870 on my bill for 24 months. the total should be 999+870= 1869...i was shocked on my first bill total of 2,524.74  so I asked globe chat support. they said the first bill is prorated and the next billing will be corrected. but after a month...still my bill went over 3058.38... this includes other charges on top of my bill. pasaload, call to other networks. but i checked the billing statement. they were only about 300+...the question is how come my bill is over 2500..when it should have been only 1869...