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    No signal found for mobile networks




      I have been trying to call and send a message using my phone Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite Model GT-S7392 however, I have been getting below errors. I don't know when the problem started though. The number has not been receiving messages and I have loaded the sim card as well. I have been using the sim card since October 21, 2014 and seldom loaded it.


      I have tried inserting the sim card on another phone and tried to send a message or call any numbers but I am getting the message "Emergency calls only". I have also restarted the phone and removed the sim card but nothing happened.


      When I attempted to send a message..

      No signal found for mobile networks


      When I try to call, even balance inquiry..

      Not registered on network


      What I found upon checking the phone's SETTINGS:





      Service State:

      Out of service


      More Settings> Mobile Networks> Network Operators


      When I selected Search Networks:

      Error while searching for networks


      When I selected Select automatically:

      Unable to connect. Try later


      In case the number has been deactivated and you need it, please send an email to [email protected] so I can provide the number or advise what I can do to have the number activated. Kindly assist and advise on this problem. Thank you very much!