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    2nd month of waiting..


      Hi Globe!

      I just want to ask the real status of my application?after 3 weeks wala ng tumawag sa akin para mag update.kaya nga ako ng apply ng online para hassle free, kasi masyadong busy sa school so kulang ng time..yung nearest globe outlet dito is 4 hours travel.What is the problem with my application?,y it takes long..yung ibang kawork ko ng back out na kasi masyadong matagal.

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          Applying online is not really hassle free. There is this delay on approving your preferred plan due to the volumes of applications from other users. The best thing you could do on online application is to follow-up until there are actions made.


          I prefer that you apply on a GBC. They have this easy application process wherein you'll be approved on your first visit if there are no problems with your requirements.


          Compare that to your 2 months of waiting than 4 hours (or 8 hours back and forth) of your travel time. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice in order to get a better deal.

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            Arnel S. Bansil

            Howdy kheyce!


            I'll send you a private message.