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    Starting a business question.




      I am currently employed. But I feel that I'll be better off if I'll start my own business and follow my passion (hobbies).

      (1) Would it be wise for me to leave my job and pursue my passion and turn it into a business?

      (2) Is there anyone here who can share their story if it's the same as the path that I'd like to take?

      (3) Any books? websites? worth sharing that can help me answer these questions?

      I would prefer Philippine-based stories.


      Thank you.



        • Re: Starting a business question.

          Hi A.S.


          I too would like to have my own business because I feel it's the only way to be successful in life, financially. (1) However, I don't think I can leave my job yet. There must be a way to do both at the same time.


          On top of that, I don't have a background nor the experience in Business. So right now, I'm still reading books to learn how business works


          Good luck!