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    Tattoo Broadband 10mbps plan only running 7-8mbps

    Daniel Vallejo

      I have been dealing with multiple Globe technicians these past couple of days now in concerns to my account. My account is the 10mbps plan, and my speed can never go beyond 8.5mbps. I was told that Globe's contract states "80% of the speed achieved and up to 10mbps", so this translates to 8mbps, so they hold up on this part of the contract, but they do not hold up to the "up to 10mbps" part of the contract.


      With these contract statements/declarations, this tells me (or the contract tells me), that my broadband speed should be running in the range of 8mbps - 10mbps. This is not the case with my account, my broadband speed has never gone beyond/over the download speed of 8.6mbps, with 10 consecutive speed tests on different servers. Now understand... that I am not expecting that my service run at 10mbps 100% of the time, this is highly unlikely due to network traffic, which depends on time of day, distance of the lines, interference, etc. But I would like my service to run at the speed I am paying for, or at least within range. In order for this to be in range and for Globe to fulfill their contract statement my DL speed should at least be able to reach 10mbps, then fluctuation down to 8mbps would be acceptable. The current operation of my internet speed is only up to 8.6mbps, then it fluctuates down to 6mbps.


      I have told Globe that the only way my account will run at its proper range is to make adjustments to my downstream configurations, most all the technicians agree with me but it is the 2nd level team who will not make these adjustments. They keep trying to force me in accepting the current condition of my internet speed.


      Dear Globe community members, if you read this, please review and observe the operation of your internet speed. You might be getting ripped off by Globe too, as they are with me. Always keep in mind that if your contract states up to 7, 10, 15, or 25 mbps, your internet speed should be able to achieve those proposed speeds, then fluctuate down.


      Hopefully this sheds light and new found knowledge to more people out there. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like more details.

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          Hi. I agree. They should provide the maximun speed at non-congested time and provide the least of it at peak hours

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            I am very sorry to burst your expectations and I assume you do not have a copy of your contract with Globe as by practice they don't really provide their subscribers with such.


            If you read the fine print of your subscription, your speed is an "UP TO" 10 Mbps meaning anything that is above 0 Kbps would fall into that category.


            If you refer to Globe's webpage at  Tattoo Home Broadband | Products | Tattoo - Globe                      however, a finer print (if you scroll at the very end of the advertised subscriptions and speeds) you could find the clause:


            1Minimum speed is 256 Kbps. Minimum service reliability is 80%.


            The 80% reliability would actually pertain to the 256 Kbps minimum speed and NOT on the 10 Mbps. This is what the NTC is precisely trying to address which the telcos have been dubiously implementing as an escape clause in their offerings.

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                Daniel Vallejo

                ChitoReyes, thank you for your response. However, that does not make it right.


                #1. I am paying for a monthly postpaid account that is declared at 10mbps. So your telling me that a customer should just accept paying a monthly fee for 10mbps and not get 10mbps... that's ridiculous.


                #2. Globe states minimum speed is 256 kbps. Yes, but it also states up to 10mbps. For their statement to be true, speeds should be able to reach 10mbps, and then worst case scenario due to traffic, lack of bandwidth, what have you..., speeds could fluctuate down to 256 kbps.


                ChitoReyes, with all this said, it is not acceptable contractually, nor is it acceptable for customers to accept this consumer trap by Globe of saying up to 10mbps, because really the account clearly "cannot" achieve 10mbps.


                ChitoReyes, one more thing. I am not sure if you are a Globe employee or a customer. But if you are a customer, I believe you should be more helping in trying to pursue that Globe fulfills their contractual agreement towards their customers. It is totally ridiculous and absurd for customers to be forced to accept paying for an expected speed of 10, 15, 20, or 25 mbps and not be able to run at that speed, due to technical jargon that's fine-printed. Especially if the technical jargon is clearly stating "up to", those are the keywords.


                Again, thank you ChitoReyes for your response. But as I said, if you are a customer as I am. Let's try to help one another... or fellow customers get their money's worth. I am in no way trying to scam Globe, I am simply asking to get what I am paying for, or deserve, as should all customers do.

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                    Hi danielvallejo. Perhaps if you follow my posts and blogs in this community it would be obvious that I am not a Globe employee. If there is any claim to fame that I am known for, it is that I am a pioneer subscriber of Globe as I have been using the same postpaid number since 1994... 21 years of being with Globe this month.


                    Having dealt with Globe for that long, I have accepted the fact that they are there to make money and make their investors truly happy more than anything else to the point of sacrificing true customer service and resorting to loopholes to be able to get what they want.


                    You are right that just because they are doing it does not make it right. I totally agree with you specially when deceptive advertising is being used. As I said, Globe more often resorts to loophole truths as a way of justifying their actions.


                    In my own way I have been helping other subscribers with their concerns and some people from Globe who really care have also been helping out but unfortunately, the big people and those who are behind the frontliners who do not want to be identified are the ones deciding and steering the company to what it is right now. Having dealt with their legal department in the past (and spending thousands of pesos), I have experienced how something that it so obvious and so documented and publicized could simply be denied.


                    I have forwarded my concerns with the NTC and other lobby groups and the good news is that they are doing their part albeit so slowly but little progress is better than no progress at all considering how big business could influence the politics in the Philippines.


                    Going back to your concern. Through your post I feel that I have made 2 things clear:

                    1. Globe does not give a copy of our contracts by practice so it would be harder for us to keep track as to what was agreed upon (I was able to secure mine).

                    2. The dubious practice of just putting an "UP TO" speed which excuses them from any liabilities.


                    The good news is that the NTC recently came out with a memorandum (just last week) indicating the parameters of fixed internet broadband service and soon with mobile internet service. The Department of Justice has also came out with their legal opinion regarding "Unlimited internet service" which ironically runs contrary to what Globe is applying with the FUP (which again ironically Globe has been invoking as NTC approved). The other network has already corrected its application and I don't know why Globe is NOT following the legal opinion.


                    With the signing of the Republic Act No. 10667 or the Philippine Competition Act last month, we are hoping that the telcos would make their services better if they want to keep their present customers. I am aware of at least 2 big players, 1 of which had already deployed its sites nationwide even before the law was signed, that are serious with mobilizing faster and better internet services with better rates.


                    I know that Globe knows this too and we just hope that they be serious in improving their offerings. 

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                        Daniel Vallejo

                        Hi ChitoReyes,


                        Again I thank you for your informative response, and I must applaud you for your patience with Globe. Though my rants seem angry and bitter (which they are... a little), my true purpose is to try and help our fellow subscribers get their money's worth. I must applaud you as well for taking it as far as you have mentioned, by reporting your concerns to the NTC, which more then likely is a shared concern of many Globe subscribers.


                        Well... I hope... or let's all hope, that this new threatening competitor that you say is lurking around the corner, causes change. ChitoReyes it has been great going back and forth with you, it's awesome that at the end of our back and forth it seems we've got common ground. Hopefully I can be as patient as you and maybe go 10 years riding this Globe tidal wave.  

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                    Thank you for your feedback.

                    I just need to ask. I hope you don't mind. 

                    How may we help you? #WILLAsks 


                    P.S. I definitely recommend a refund request or a rebate for your case.