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    GoSurf or SuperSurf?


      So i'm not sure which one to get, GoSurf999 or SuperSurf999? I'm really not sure if i should subscribe to gosurf999 because it'll only give me 5gb of data to spend for A WHOLE MONTH. I don't go on facebook or spotify that much so i dont really care, but I download movies and games a lot so i'm still kind of on the fence about it (5gb of data is almost equal to just 5 movies.UGH). While in SuperSurf it says that I can visit any site all i want but most people say that gosurf is better. I NEED HELP HERE LOL. ((BTW, I'M USING GLOBE TATTOO MOBILE WIFI WHICH MEANS IM GONNA BE USING IT ON MY PC LOL IS SUPERSURF AVAILABLE FOR PC USE OR IS IT JUST FOR MOBILE?))