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    Just a quick question about my speed


      I just got my DSL 2mbps plan 2 days ago. i was really happy with the results. The speed was super fast even exceeded my expectations. Of course I checked my connection speed thru speedtest and it even gave me a 2.85 mbps speed. The poblem now comes, when I came home, i remove the plug from my router to change it's location (didn't remove any cables) and when i tried to surf, hell it was sure very slow. I tried speedtesting it and now it cam from an avg of .50mbps. it was really slow compared to the first 2 days. I called globehotline and was explained about the dynamic /static ip's. yeah i get those stuff but what i'm afraid about is whichever Ip's i get (from the router's home page, i just tried clicking on disconnect and connect to get a different WAN IP) when i speed test it, it didn't event reach 1mbps. nly averagng .50mbps. I'm just afraid that my speed will stay forever this way. Any help or tips on what to do to maintain at least 1.85mbps average for my speed. Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:




      Here's a screenie of my speedtest